San Diego S.A.

Our History

San Diego was created by a group of entrepreneurs from Rosario, in the year 1972 with the necessity of self-supply of molten steel for the elaboration of its own pieces.

Our History
The plants which were already installed in the country could not meet the demand. During the first years of the 70's, its installed capacity the limit with 300,000 employees in the UOM and today, after 46 years, we are around 190,000. This decline of our industries forced San Diego to become a new smelter and a first-rate machining workshop. With quality equipment and certification processes, which allow us to enter international markets and companies of the first national level.
We are installed in the Alvear Industrial Park, in a 3 hectare site, with industrial warehouses, dining room, sanitary groups, offices and other dependencies that add up to 6,000 m2 covered area.
We are able to meet the specific needs of high precision and high quality standards. We have ISO 9001-2008 certification, since year 2000. In addition, we counts with highly trained personnel, who allow us to manufacture parts for various activities, spare parts under the plane for the steel industry, parts for the oil industry, parts for nuclear power plants, parts for Trailers, parts for general industry, etc.
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Casting of molded steels
Manufacture of equipment and spare parts

Provincial Route N┬║ 21 - Km 286
Alvear - Santa Fe - Argentina
Tel: 54-341-492-2558/2559/2276/1542
Fax: 54-341-492-6727